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Clevertouch Clearance Stock

The market leading large format interactive touchscreen for education.

If you are interested in touchscreens, but can’t quite stretch your budget far enough to afford a new solution then you may be interested in our Clevertouch Clearance Stock List.

Each of the touchscreens listed below have been graded from A1 to G, to access the full table (including the grading system), please use the link below the following table .


(Please zoom out if you are on a smaller screen as the table doesn’t fit on smaller devices, thank you)

Item Number            Item Description                                                                                                                                   Price 

1540501                    CleverTouch 65″ LED C-Series with intel OPSi3 PC & integrated speakers, black bezel

                  8333050111000003 (Some minor handling marks)                                                                              £1,135.00

1540508                    CleverTouch 65″ LED C-Series without PC, 4 point touch, black bezel

                          8333058987000045                                                                                                                                  £909.00

1540508/1                CleverTouch 65″ LED C-Series without PC, 4 point touch, black bezel 2% anti reflective glass

                         8333061183000139                                                                                                                                   £1,135.00

1540510                   CleverTouch 65″ LED C-Series 6 point touch AG Glass (includes all Software )

                         8333063633000095                                                                                                                                  £1,135.00

                 8333063633000088                                                                                                                                  £1,135.00

1541000                   Clevertouch Plus LED 55″ 6 point touch, AG glass orders**

                 K55SAVVP69A-236140400007XA0093 (paint chip on front frame bottom left)                                 £794.00

         K55SAVVP69A-236140400007XA0173                                                                                                    £794.00

1541001                   CleverTouch Plus LED 65″ 6 point touch, AG glass

                         K65SAVVP69A-23614050803HXA0040 (small gouge on outside of left hand side)                           £1,590.00

                         K65SAVVP69A-23614050803HXA0046 (small gouges on top)                                                             £1,590.00

1541002                   Clevertouch Plus LED 70″ 6 point touch, AG glass

                         K70SAVVP69A-236140200005XA0010                                                                                                    £1,818.00

                         K70SAVVP69A-236140200005XA0048                                                                                                    £1,818.00

                         K70SAVVP69A-236140400002XA0129                                                                                                    £1,818.00

1541003                   Blade PC Module for CleverTouch Plus – Intel core i5, 4GB memory, 500G Hard Disk

                        MT08I24D5-207140800183XA0019                                                                                                            £227.00

1541005                  Clevertouch Plus True 4K LED 84″ 10 point touch, AG glass

                        K84SAVVP69A-2GZ140500032Y1000 (Scrapes and scratches around bezel)                                    £2,840.00

                                K84SAVVP69A-207150300020XA0024 (Scratches on back)                                                                 £2,840.00

1541009                  Clevertouch Plus LED 65″ 10 point touch, AG glass

                        K65SAVVP69B-207141101401010315 (minor marks on back & top of bezel)                                     £1,590.00

                        K65SAVVP69B-241150602313270388 (minor marks on top of bezel)                                                   £1,590.00

                        K65SAVVP69B-20715040023XA0028 (Good condition)                                                                        £1,590.00

                                K65SAVVP69B-241150500030XA0085 (minor marks on back)                                                              £1,590.00

                        K65SAVVP69B-241150400026XA0108 (minor marks on back)                                                              £1,590.00

                                K65SAVVP69B-241150602313270474 (minor marks on back)                                                               £1,590.00

                        K65SAVVP69B-241150602313270103 (minor scratches around silver edge)                                      £1,590.00

                        K65SAVVP69B-241150500030XA0335 (Small scratch on glass (bottom right)                                    £1,477.00

                        K65SAVVP69B-207141101401010140 (Good condition)                                                                       £1,590.00

                        K65SAVVP69B-241150500032XA0001  (some white paint splatter on back and handles)               £1,477.00

1541010                  Clevertouch Plus LED 70″ 10 point touch, AG glass

                        K70SAVVP69B-241150500026XA0028 (Small marks an back)                                                               £1,818.00

                        K70SAVVP69B-241150300001XA0013 (Good Condition)                                                                      £1,818.00

                        K70SAVVP69B-207141200108XA0036 (Paint mark on back & front bottom right)                             £1,704.00

                                K70SAVVP69B-241150600064XA0029 (Good condition)                                                                       £1,818.00

                        K70SAVVP69B-241150700089XA0158 (Excellent condition)                                                                  £1,818.00

                                K70SAVVP69B-241150500027XA0075 (some white paint splatter on back & one side)                    £1,704.00

1541013                  Blade i7 PC module for 1541005 Clevertouch Plus True 4K LED 84″ 10 point touch

                        MT08138DA-207150500080XA0031 (Minor marks)                                                                                  £340.00

1541019                  Clevertouch LED 65″ V Series

                        S65SAVV208B-240150702625930017 (Tiny scratch on glass)                                                                 £1,363.00

1543003                 Clever LED Touch Dual 55″ Black Bezel

                      AU55MSQ1317B0016 (Some minor handling marks)                                                                                £681.00

1545000               CleverTouch LED 32″ Black Bezel 6 point touch

                    AU32S061320B0002                                                                                                                                        £170.00

                    AU32S061320B0012                                                                                                                                        £170.00

                   AU32S061320B0014                                                                                                                                         £170.00

                   AU32S061320B0017                                                                                                                                         £170.00

                   AU32S061320B0018                                                                                                                                         £170.00

1545003AG       Clevertouch LED 55″ Black Bezel 6 point touch, AG glass – S Series

                   LG55S061345B0104                                                                                                                                         £568.00

                           AU55S061509G0001 (Old Style Bezel) (refurbished unit – no major marks)                                              £568.00

                  AU55S061517G0001 (Old Style Bezel) (refurbished unit – no major marks)                                               £568.00

1545005AG       CleverTouch LED 65″ Black Bezel 6 point touch, AG glass

                  AU65S061443B0026 (No marks)                                                                                                                      £1,135.00

                  AU65S061518G0001 (Old Style Bezel) (refurbished unit – no major marks)                                               £1,135.00

                  AU65S061511G0002 (Old Style Bezel) (refurbished unit – no major marks)                                               £1,135.00

                  AU65S061517G0001 (Old Style Bezel) (refurbished unit – no major marks)                                               £1,135.00

                  AU65S061326B0017 (paint chips on front bezel and a scratch by led light)                                             £1,135.00

                  AU65S061324B0183 (Has 2 dead pixels the size of pin heads 1 at middle top & 1 at middle right)       £907.00

1547008          CleverTouch LED 84″ Black Bezel 4 point touch, AG glass,integrated wireless connectivity (MSW)

                LG84MSW1409B0036                                                                                                                                         £2,272.00

 For the full clearance stock list of Clevertouch Touchscreens please click here.

If you want to enquire about any of the touchscreens from the clearance stock please contact our friendly sales team on 0333 880 6179 or use the ‘ENQUIRY’ form to the left.




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Case Studies

Joslin Rhodes - Audio Visual Project


Joslin Rhodes are a friendly team of qualified independent financial advisers offering pension and retirement planning services across the UK.

After experiencing growth and preparing for the future, the company decided to move their headquarters to larger premises at Gloster House in Stockton-On-Tees. They hired the expertise of a multi-award winning interior planning

Cygnet Law – Video Conferencing


Cygnet Law provide a family legal service to all sectors of the community and pride themselves in maintaining a high level of customer service and care. This can be demonstrated through their achievement of the Lexcel quality mark/accreditation.

The Redcar based solicitors firm identified video conferencing as an efficient way of connecting with

Grangefield Academy – Touchscreens


Early in January 2014, construction commenced on Grangefield Academy’s new school under the Priority Schools Building Programme. The new build would see the academy relocate from a premises they have occupied since 1951 to a fantastic new school.

One of Grangefield Academy’s core values is to ensure there is no ceiling for the

CDD Fire & Rescue Service - Edge Blended Projection


The County Durham and Darlington Fire and Rescue Service (CDDFRS) wanted to create interactive and immersive training simulations for members of the service to participate in firefighting training exercises in its new state-of-the-art fire training centre.

Bowburn Fire Training Facility is a dedicated training centre incorporating BA training, fire behaviour facilities as well

Knayton Primary School – Stage Lighting & Audio Project


Knayton Primary School is a charming rural school based in Knayton Village within the North Yorkshire region. They have a strong belief in creating a caring, stimulating and supportive environment allowing their pupils to reach their full potential.

In line with their beliefs the school requested a 55” touchscreen for one of their

Northshore Innovation Centre - Data Cabling Project


A new state-of-the-art Innovation Centre has recently been built at Stockton’s £100m Northshore regeneration scheme. The Innovation Centre is managed by Teesside University and will offer tenants the full range of its business innovation and development services.

The three-storey, 36,000 sq ft building will be home to new and growing small and medium

North East Schools - Audio Visual Solutions


Over the years we have had the privilege of working with over 130 educational establishments within the North East due to the relationships we have built with local authorities, a not-for-profit IT Company and directly with various schools.

We receive a lot of in-bound enquiries from schools for a full range of audio

North East Schools - Data Cabling & Wireless


Over the years we have had the privilege of working with over 130 educational establishments within the North East due to the relationships we have built with local authorities, a not-for-profit IT Company and directly with various schools.

We have provided a full range of data cabling solutions on a multitude of occasions

Visualsoft - Data Cabling Project


Since opening in 1998 Visualsoft have delivered cutting edge eCommerce solutions to their clients and have now built up a portfolio featuring over 1,000 websites, including some globally recognised brands.

The professional eCommerce company was named Company of the Year at the Teesside heat of the North East Business Awards 2015 in March.

Ford Aerospace - Projector System


Ford Engineering are an award-winning, highly successful specialist in the precision machining and pressing of components and assemblies for the Aerospace engineering, Automotive and other related high technology industries.

The Ford Aerospace division of Ford Engineering required a projector solution, including a projector and a screen, for their training room and we were

Whale Hill Primary School - ICT Suite


Whale Hill Primary School is based locally to ourselves in Redcar, we have had the privilege of working with the school on various audio visual projects for some years now.

The latest project came about as a result of their plans to relocate and upgrade their ICT suite. We were invited to implement

Junction Farm - Touchscreens


Junction Farm is a local primary school based in Stockton-on-Tees, they believe in providing a platform which will assist children in fulfilling their potential. This belief has been carried into their teaching and has enabled their school to achieve a well-deserved position of 141st in The Top 200 State Primary School Rankings.


Parkhill Business Centre - Network Points


Parkhill Business Centre was bought by Vortex (Yorkshire) Ltd. When it was purchased, it had been empty for around 4 years, having been an office building some years previously. Vortex had the vision of making this building into serviced offices, and were keen to have a community feel to the place. Vortex required